Develop Your Leadership Style

 The Approach:

  1. Developing Leadership Action Plans - based on addressing the gap between your desired leadership brand and how your brand is currently perceived.

  2. Feedback Based - self-analysis, 360 business feedback, peer and facilitator feedback.

  3. Best Practice Leadership – assessment of strengths and areas of development against well proven leadership models, theories , strategies and communication techniques. 

  4. Sustaining Changes Needed – creation of support and challenge groups during workshops to provide an on-going support mechanism to sustain development.


The Outcomes:

  • Adapting your behaviors to match your Brand.

  • Influencing others to get buy-in and commitment.

  • Enhancing how you direct, guide and coach.

  • Developing agility and flexibility in your leadership style.

  • Confidently addressing team issues and dealing with difficult discussions.

  • Enhancing how you direct, guide and coach.

  • Balancing the needs of achieving tasks, building a team and managing individuals.