The Approach:

  1. Business and Behavioural - using team approaches to address the teams business gaps (e.g. in the service you deliver) and also the behavioural gaps (how you interact as a team).

  2. Assessment of Gaps - using tools and techniques to enable teams to identify their gaps e.g. Insights/MB-TI for communication styles and models and questionnaires to identify business gaps.

  3. Transparent Team Ownership - verbal, visual and written commitments to team development plan.


The Outcomes:

  • Producing a clear picture of where your team are now, where do they want to be and how will they get there.

  • Committing to a team based action plan that will be sustainable.

  • Developing a deeper understanding of how your team prefer to interact and communicate.

  • Building a more open, positive and energised team spirit.

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