Maximise Your Influence

The Approach:

  1. Developing Awareness of Impact – structured observational behavioural feedback (video, facilitator & workshop peers).

  2. 80:20 Principle - highlighting for people their personal 20% of changes needed to achieve 80% improved impact.

  3. Reinforcing Changes Needed – continual practice in business scenarios (influencing groups to get buy-in, managing difficult discussions, giving motivational feedback, building connection and rapport).

  4. Sustaining Changes Needed – development of strategies to ‘trigger’ when you need to make a conscious change and how to sustain the momentum.

The Outcomes:

  • Creating a confident and an impacting first impression.

  • Influencing others to get buy-in and commitment.

  • Developing strong business relationships based on openness and trust.

  • Building common ground by finding areas of agreement and moving forward

  • Building rapport & connection quickly.

  • Enhancing how you direct, guide and coach.

  • Engaging and holding the attention of others.